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Lucta - Flavor, Fragrances, and Feed Addictives

C-Pharmachem Vietnam has been proud to be the exclusive companion of Lucta since 2009. Currently, Lucta has now become one of the leading brands in Flavor, Fragrances, and Feed Addictives, which is accounted for the largest market share in Vietnam and is trusted by reputable feed manufacturers such as Anova Feed, Dabaco, Gold Coin, Việt Thắng, and Cargill, etc.


Best-selling products of Lucta in Vietnam


Milk Flavor


Fish Flavor


Fruity Flavor

Besides, with the varied product categories, C-Pharmachem Vietnam is optimistic that we can satisfy all customer demands.

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Feed Additives Innovation Uni

Development of innovative feed additives derived from our research and aiming to guarantee animal performance and welfare. Our areas of interest are the following:

• Palatability and feeding behavior

• Efficiency

• Animal welfare

All new developments are accompanied by specialized technical and analytical support to demonstrate their mode of action.
For this purpose, behavioral, productive, and/or biological parameters from in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo studies are analyzed through the use of specific techniques and technologies available in our laboratories at the Eureka building of the UAB, in our Swine Research Centre, or in facilities and centers from our research collaborators distributed worldwide, according to the target species.

Analytical Innovation Unit

Equipped with the latest advances in analytical technology: new distillation and extraction systems, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry, for detecting both volatile and non-volatile products.


Modulation of feeding behavior through the use of innovative sensory strategies. Our continuous improvement in innovation and palatability is reflected in our new developments included in the following product lines:


Sensory strategies to modulate animal feeding behavior, in terrestrial and aquatic species, with benefits in animal performance by changing the organoleptic properties of the diet.



Functional sweeteners and flavors to increase voluntary feed intake by masking anti-nutritional factors and cocktails of additives present in diets that compromise the acceptability of the feed.


Optimization of the digestive and/or metabolic function to improve animal performance and welfare. Our continuous improvement in innovation towards better efficiency focus on the optimization of digestive and metabolic processes to improve nutrient absorption and utilization in healthy animals. Additionally, by acting on the digestive functionality with benefits in the barrier and immune function of the gastrointestinal tract, we aim to maintain the physiological condition of the animal and improve its performance.

Animal Welfare

Sustaining the physiological condition of a healthy animal is a continuous challenge. Our ongoing innovation aims to develop new feed additives to stabilize the physiological condition of healthy animals in challenging situations that may be present in their life or in specific stages of the productive cycle.


Efficient protection against oxidation. Our ongoing evolution in innovation and antioxidants is reflected in the new developments in our product line:


Its main action is to protect additives, ingredients, premixtures, and complete feed from oxidation processes to preserve their nutritional value and to guarantee effectiveness during their shelf life.


Efficiency and effectiveness in the protection and safety of feed and its ingredients. Our continuous improvement in Innovation & other preservatives is reflected in new developments of the product line:



Effective acidification, which consists of a synergistic combination of different acids contributing to the preservation of the animal feed and the drinking water, which enable to enhance a better use of nutrients and to prevent dysbiosis along the gastrointestinal tract.



Safety in feed production. Complete range of mould inhibitors, in solid and liquid form, designed to prevent a decrease in the nutritional value of feed ingredients and compound feeds and the appearance of mycotoxins.


Bacterial control in feed ingredients and compound feed. Preservative for antibacterial protection, in powder and liquid form, based on organic acids and designed for the control of pathogenic microorganisms in feed ingredients and compound feed.

Flavors Innovation Unit

The objective of this unit is the development of knowledge and technologies that promote the design of flavors best adapted to emerging food trends. We carry out a systematic study of the key flavor components that condition food palatability through a new multicultural perspective.

We investigate new approaches aimed at optimizing the sensory experience in challenging situations such as salt, sugar, or fat reduction, clean labeling, cost reduction, and improvement of sustainability.

We have been granted access to the latest advances in food technology, culinary science, and volatile analysis thanks to our collaboration with Centers of Excellence in these areas.

Ingredients and Technology Innovation Unit

The objective of this cross-divisional department is the development of new and unique ingredients for the formulation of the most innovative and exclusive flavors for human and animal consumption.
Improving current techniques or incorporating new and more advanced ones, we are also experts in the study of flavor encapsulation and granulation systems, seeking their best protection, release, and performance and obtaining a solution adapted to the needs of each customer.
Backed by a team with extensive top-level experience in this field, it provides essential analytical support to all research projects of the Innovation Division.


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